Primary intraosseous CD9-positive B-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma of the maxilla affecting a pediatric patient: Immunohistochemical and in situ hybridization analysis

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Silveira, Heitor Albergoni [UNESP]
Sousa, Lucas Moura
Silva, Evânio Vilela [UNESP]
Almeida, Lana Kei Yamamoto
Sverzut, Cassio Edvard
Trivellato, Alexandre Elias
León, Jorge Esquiche
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Lymphoblastic lymphoma (LBL) is a clinically aggressive disease, representing approximately 2% of all non-Hodgkin lymphoma cases. In the oral and maxillofacial (OMF) region, approximately 39 cases, diagnosed as LBL, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) or ALL/LBL, have been reported to date. Noteworthy, the CD9 expression, which indicates a poor outcome in ALL, has not been reported in LBL and lymphoblastic neoplasms of the OMF region. Herein, we report an additional maxillary intraosseous B-cell LBL, affecting a 14-year-old girl, which also showed positivity for CD9, Bcl-6 and MUM1/IRF4. Aiming at diagnostic and prognostic criteria, further studies focusing CD9 expression in LBL is recommended.
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, CD9, Immunohistochemistry, In situ hybridization, Intraosseous lymphoma, Lymphoblastic lymphoma, Oral and maxillofacial region, Pediatric patient
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Oral Oncology, v. 108.