Analysis of the Maturity Level in Knowledge Management in a Public Higher Education Institution

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Univ Brasilia, Dept Ciencia Informacao



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Knowledge Management, as a sub-area of Information Science, has as its theme the analysis of its Maturity, which aims to identify the stage at which a particular Institution is positioned, combining theory with practice. Public Higher Education Institutions are objects of this theme, given that they are based on knowledge, with a view to promoting services to society. In this sense, this research is guided by the objective of analyzing the level of Maturity in Knowledge Management in a Public Institution of Higher Education, located in Minas Gerais, Brazil. This is a descriptive-quantitative investigation, which adopts an online survey and the Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin criteria, Cronbach's Alpha and Pearson's r criteria together with the p-value to confer dimensionality, reliability and validity to the indicators created. The Mean, Standard Deviation and 95% Confidence Interval are used to compute Maturity. As a result, the Public Higher Education Institution analyzed is positioned at maturity level two out of five, with 10 actions being presented for its elevation to the next stage. The limitation of this research was that it was applied in only one Public Institution of Higher Education. The analysis of other Public Institutions of Higher Education is a suggestion for future research, in order to carry out a comparative study of Maturity of Knowledge Management in Brazilian Institutions.




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Revista Ibero-americana de Ciencia da Informacao. Brasilia: Univ Brasilia, Dept Ciencia Informacao, v. 16, n. 1, p. 88-107, 2023.

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