Indexes for the evaluation of climatic variables and water quality in the distribution network of a municipality in São Paulo, Brazil

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Since water is a highly important natural resource for various human activities, its rational and sustainable use is essential. Water monitoring for human consumption should take into account several parameters that may change its quality. Climatic factors such as air temperature, solar radiation, rainfall and others should be highlighted. Since studies on water quality monitoring in various climatic conditions are underscored, current study established indicators that synthetically retract environmental conditions and physicochemical and microbiological characteristics (chlorine residuals, pH, turbidity, apparent color, fluoride, water temperature, occurrence of total coliforms and heterotrophic bacteria) evaluated in water samples collected in the distribution network of a municipality in the state of São Paulo, between 2007 and 2011. Multivariate factor procedures were employed to improve the quality of the information extracted from data. The use of this procedure involved isolated sets of eight variables of water quality and ten climatic variables in the case of the former and the use of three factors with accumulated retention of 69.7% of the total variance and, in the case of the latter, two factors with 67.5%, standing out as an important tool to synthesize data by indicators. The evaluation of correlations between the scores of the indicators obtained revealed interesting points in the management of water quality with regard to microbiological and physical chemical characteristics.




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Revista em Agronegocio e Meio Ambiente, v. 14, n. 2, 2021.

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