Sovereignty, State Powers and Provincial Autonomy at the Time of the 1823 Constituent Assembly: “Liberal-moderate” Conceptions in Miguel do Sacramento Lopes and José Bernardino Batista Pereira d’Almeida

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This article evaluates conceptions of the State presented between 1822 and 1823, with characteristics which, later on, after the political reopening of 1826, acquired visibility as those of the so-called “liberal-moderates”. Blurred at the time of the Constituent Assembly by the antagonism between the positions deemed to be “liberal-radical” and “aulic”, their recovery contributes to the reconstitution of the mosaic of positions presented from then on for the construction of the national State. In order to do so, I comparatively approach the conceptions developed in the periodical O Conciliador Nacional, by Miguel do Sacramento Lopes, from Pernambuco, and in the books of José Bernardino Batista Pereira d’Almeida, from Espírito Santo.



Lack of visibility, Moderation, State projects

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Revista Brasileira de Historia, v. 42, n. 91, p. 193-214, 2022.