Pervasive information architecture: A model for university libraries

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The objective of this work was to propose a theoretical model of pervasive information architecture, focused on the use of recommendation systems to increase the findability of information in university libraries. This research was developed from a multidisciplinary perspective and it is defined as exploratory research since a bibliographic review is carried out. This review allows obtaining information on the theoretical elements necessary to establish the central base of the research. It is also descriptive, as it seeks to bring solutions to issues that arise in the daily life of university libraries. As a result, a model of pervasive information architecture for university libraries is presented with a focus on improving information findability from the inclusion of recommendation systems. It can be concluded that, due to the wide advance in the development of applications and tools for use in libraries, a notable increase in the level of complexity of the information environments of these institutions is perceived, which from the perspective of information architecture creates the need for more refined research projects, whose aim is to improve the information environments of university libraries, always with the main objective of favoring the experiences of users, and helping them in the processes of finding relevant information, at the precise time and with the highest possible quality.




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Revista Interamericana de Bibliotecologia, v. 44, n. 2, 2021.

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