Accelerated erosion chart for watershed spatial planning

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Galiano, Valdir Aparecido
Lorandi, Reinaldo
Dos Santos, Franciane Mendonça
De Lollo, José Augusto [UNESP]

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Anthropic activities, together with the lack of planning for land use and conservation, can cause processes of environmental degradation, such as erosion, siltation of water bodies, flooding, among others, compromising the quality of the environment, especially water resources. The objective of this paper was to evaluate better intervention alternatives in relation to accelerated erosion processes in the Ribeirão das Pedras watershed (São Paulo, Brazil), integrating geotechnical information and other knowledge areas. The river basin extends over 111.47km2, with most of its area in the municipality of Santa Cruz das Palmeiras and smaller areas in the municipalities of Tambaú, Pirassununga and Porto Ferreira. The methodology used was based on Pejon (1992) and Pejon e Zuquette (2001) to elaborate a Potential Surface Flow Chart and the determination of the erodibility index of unconsolidated materials, associated with other geotechnical characteristics, according to Pejon e Zuquette (1993). The results show a strong influence of unconsolidated materials and land uses on the erosive potential, and indicate that such actions can be mitigated by actions of the local and state government, with appropriate land use policies.



Environmental geology, Thematic cartography, Watershed

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Revista Brasileira de Cartografia, v. 73, n. 1, p. 150-166, 2021.