Doenças respiratórios em aves atendidas no Laboratório de Ornitopatologia da FMVZ-UNESP/Botucatu-SP, Brasil, nos anos de 2005 a 2006

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The respiratory tract of birds shows anatomical and physiological characteristics that facilitates the occurrence of disease, mainly those of microbiological origin. This article analyzes the frequency of respiratory diseases in domestic and wild birds treated during the years 2005-2006 at the Ornitopathology Laboratory of the Veterinary Hospital, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootecnics, São Paulo State University (FMVZ-UNESP). Diagnoses were obtained through clinical and radiographic exams as well as haemogram, microbiological culture, parasitological tests and necropsy, being septicemic processes, aspergillosis and mycoplasmosis the most diagnosed diseases. No zoonotic threats were identified, so the entities were described as of low-impact on public health. However, the above mentioned agents can provoke death of birds and difficult for treating and eradication as well.



Birds, Ornitopathology, Respiratory diseases, Aves, Negibacteria

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Archives of Veterinary Science, v. 13, n. 1, p. 40-45, 2008.