Computational thinking and teacher education: challenges and didactic possibilities using the Scratch tool

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Amaral, Cybelle Cristina Ferreira do [UNESP]
Yonezawa, Wilson Massashiro [UNESP]
Barros, Daniela Melare Vieira

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Univ Nove Julho


The article constitutes the process of appropriation of knowledge in the subject Computational Thinking (PC) and Computer Science for Science and Mathematics Teachers at UNESP/Bauru, in 2021. The objective was to relate the theoretical -practical aspects of teacher training with the PC concept, signaling the challenges and didactic possibilities that its elements favor the teaching of Mathematics with the use of Scratch. The study was configured by the logical-historical movement of the concept of CP based on Papert (1986) and Wing (2006); presentation of Scratch and the relationship between the PC and the didactic possibilities developed by the teacher of the private network and the knowledge learned in the discipline. A semi-structured interview on Google Meet was used in order to capture information about the content covered and the discourses inherent to the process. Thus, the study signaled the contributions of the PC with the use of the tool to the continuing education and cognitive development of students



Computational thinking, Teacher training, Teaching and learning Scratch

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Dialogia. Sao Paulo: Univ Nove Julho, n. 40, 17 p., 2022.