Assistência Odontológica em Crianças com Paralisia Cerebral e Perspectivas Tecnológicas de Reabilitação

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Ferraz, Maria Júlia Pereira Coelho [UNESP]
Gomes, Mónica Fernandes [UNESP]
Matsui, Miriam Yumi [UNESP]
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The improvement of oral health and quality of life is closely related to transdisciplinary dialogue, technological development and social responsibility. In patients with cerebral palsy, the lesion of motor areas of the brain compromises the development and function of the craniofacial complex. Considering all the ethiopathogenic conditions, the treatment of such patients involves great difficulties. The dentist and other professionals related to their rehabilitation need to deal with difficulty in chewing, respiration, phonation, besides the poor oral hygiene resulted from abnormal involuntary movements of facial and masticatory musculature, tongue, and upper limb. It is also relevant the lack of understanding about the importance of oral health care due to mental deficits of these individuals. This study aims to review some aspects of oral health in patients with cerebral palsy proposing rehabilitation associated to technology. Few studies concerned about the effectiveness of therapies for oral rehabilitation in patients with cerebral palsy. Laser therapy, electromyography, electrostimulation and LED therapy should be analyzed as options for treatment of patients with cerebral palsy. Following research projects should focus more attention on the dynamic and oral function of these patients to achieve positive repercussions in their overall health. © ArquiMed, 2010.
Cerebral palsy, Electric stimulation, Electromyography, Laser therapy, Oral health, Phototherapy, arm movement, breathing, cerebral palsy, dental health, electromyography, electrostimulation, face muscle, health promotion, human, low level laser therapy, mastication, masticatory muscle, mental disease, motor dysfunction, mouth hygiene, phonation, quality of life, rehabilitation care, review, social aspect, tongue
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Arquivos de Medicina, v. 24, n. 2, p. 59-64, 2010.