Could Differences in Infection Pressure Be Involved in Cysticercosis Heterogeneity?

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Hamamoto Filho, Pedro T. [UNESP]
Singh, Gagandeep
Winkler, Andrea S.
Carpio, Arturo
Fleury, Agnès
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The presentation of cysticercosis is very heterogeneous both between and within countries. Several host and parasite factors are involved in this heterogeneity. Differences in the intensity of infection pressure have not been studied thus far. We have compiled data that could demonstrate that differences in infection pressure are involved in the still high prevalence of parenchymal neurocysticercosis and ocular cysticercosis in some countries (which have a stable infection pressure) and in the high proportion of extraparenchymal neurocysticercosis in others (which have had a progressive decrease in infection pressure). Therefore, the distribution of clinicoradiological forms of cysticercosis could be a marker of the intensity of infection pressure and could help to determine in which countries control programs should be a priority.
cysticercosis, heterogeneity, infection pressure, neurocysticercosis, prevalence, Taenia solium
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Trends in Parasitology.