Movement Analysis to Associate Broiler Walking Ability with Gait Scoring

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The genetic development of the commercial broiler has led to body misconfiguration and consequent walking disabilities, mainly at the slaughter age. The present study aimed to identify broiler locomotion ability using image analysis automatically. A total of 40 broilers that were 40 d old (male and female) were placed to walk on a specially built runway, and their locomotion was recorded. An image segmentation algorithm was developed, and the coordinates of the bird's center of mass were extracted from the segmented images for each frame analyzed, and the unrest index (UI) was applied. We calculated the center of mass's movement of the broiler walking lateral images capturing the bird's displacement speed in the onward direction. Results indicated that broiler walking speed on the runway tends to decrease with the increase of the gait score. The locomotion did not differ between males or females. The proposed algorithm was efficient in predicting the broiler gait score based on their displacement speed.



computing image analysis, gait score, unrest index

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Agriengineering. Basel: Mdpi, v. 3, n. 2, p. 394-402, 2021.