The Effect Size Applied to Scientific Production Evaluation of Dinter Programs in Information Science in Brazil

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Objective: this paper analyzes the effect of the Interinstitutional Doctorate (Dinter) programs in Information Science and the scientific production of the doctoral students (professors) involved. Method: to calculate the effect size, Cohen's d parameter was used followed by the Student’s t-test applied to the scientific production of the participants (doctoral students) of the two Dinter programs in Information Science-between Unesp and UFC (2010-2014) and between UnB and UFES (2012-2016)-before, during and after the doctoral time range. Results: after calculating the size of the Dinter effect between Unesp and UFC, it was possible to notice significant differences and growth between the scientific production of professors in the analyzed time range. Both effects were classified as large. Regarding the relationship between UnB and UFES, the effect size between the before-Dinter and Dinter time range was classified as large, while the second calculation, between the Dinter and post Dinter time range resulted in a small effect. From the application of the t-test, a significant increase was found regarding the first time range and not significant regarding the second time range. Conclusions: the calculation of the effect size points, according to its classification scale, a significant difference (and growth) between the time range and captures the non-significant difference between the Dinter and after-Dinter of UFES professors, this fact also caused due to the non insertion of the majority of professors in graduate programs.




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Encontros Bibli, v. 26, n. Special issue, 2021.