Effect of yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis) in lamb diets on fatty acid profile, physical and sensory characteristics of the Longissimus muscle


This experiment studied the effects of yerba mate extract (YME) on lamb feed as a natural antioxidant in the fatty acid profile, physical and sensory traits of the meat of 36 lambs fed for 53 days. The treatments followed the randomized block design, with a control group without YME (0%) and three groups with 1, 2, and 4% of YME inclusion in the dry matter (DM). The inclusion of YME did not significantly affect the quality and sensory characteristics of the meat. However, it has improved the value of b* (p = 0.01) for the treatment with 4% YME, as well as the branched-chain fatty acids (BCFA), exhibited a diet effect (p = 0.01) for the same group. The addition of 4% of YME improves the composition and general acceptance of lamb meat, recommended to use it in animal feed.



Antioxidant, Human health, Lamb, Polyunsaturated fatty acids, Sensorial attributes

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Livestock Science, v. 265.