Implante de tendão autógeno do músculo flexor superficial dos dedos no reparo de desvio do pênis de bovines

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Eurides, Duvaldo
Bento, Leider Roberto Teixeira
da Silva, Luiz Antônio Franco
Daleck, Carlos Roberto [UNESP]

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In this experiment, 18 hybrid steers, from the ages between 16 and 20 months, were submitted to the removal of the penis apical ligament to provoke a penis deviation. After passed 30 days, to be tested, the animals were put together to the females that were in heat. It was verified the formation of the ventral and right lateral penis deviation with incapacity of the copula. The bovines were submitted to the autologous implant from the one following superficial portion tendon from the superficial flexor fingers muscle, on the top of albuginea tunic, replacing the apical penis ligament removed. The material implanted was well tolerated, appearance a few inflammatory cells and formation of the fibrous conjunctive tissue, causing resistant adherence and capacity of sustaining the free penis extremity. The bovines, when were among the females that were in heat, did not show a penis deviation nor sexual behavior modification. The method revealed itself satisfactory and it can be indicated to correct ventral and right lateral penis deviation in bovines.



Bovine, Implant, Penis, Surgery, Tendon, Animalia, Bovinae

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Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science, v. 44, n. 6, p. 415-421, 2007.