Induction of metabolic variability of the endophytic fungus Xylaria sp. by OSMAC approach and experimental design

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This work has as the main focus, to analyze the behavior of physic-chemical variations from the fungus Xylaria sp., through the OSMAC (One Strain, Many Compounds) approach as an efficient way of obtaining new compounds. To perform such inductions and to explore the variability of the metabolic network of this microorganism, a factorial design was designed to induce variability (or enhancement) of metabolites. In view of chemometric insights, the planned inductions were imposed on the microorganism and variations in the chemical profile were observed in the crude extracts. Through mass spectrometry (HR-ESI–MS) and nuclear magnetic resonance-based profiles, combined with multivariate analysis through Principal Component Analysis (PCA), it was observed a marked variability of signals, confirming the efficacy in the metabolic alteration, defining the culture medium and agitation as the most important variables in the metabolic variability of the fungus. However, the extract mass is more significant for the agitation variable, and there is no relationship between the mass of crude extract and the amount of molecular signals of the complex matrices studied.



Dereplication, Endophytic fungi, ESI–MS, Factorial design, Fungal metabolites, NMR

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Archives of Microbiology.