The spiny dogfish (Squalus cubensis/megalops group): the envenoming of a fisherman, with taxonomic and toxinological comments on the Squalus genus.

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Haddad Júnior, Vidal [UNESP]
Gadig, Otto Bismarck Fazzano

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The authors report a spiny dogfish (Squalus cubensis/megalops group) sting of a professional fisherman. He was injured on the left hand by the spine anterior to the fish's dorsal fin and manifested local edema, erythema, and excruciating pain for 6 h. Sharks of the genus Squalus megalops/cubensis and Squalus acanthias are found throughout the world; they have two spines in front of their dorsal fins and channels with a whitish mass containing large vacuolated cells which secrete venom. The Squalus genus has a complex taxonomy; the species involved in this injury belongs to the megalops/cubensis group. A detailed taxonomic and toxinological study on the Squalus genus is important and would complement other work on these fish, especially as stings in humans are very rare and not fully understood.



fish venom, animal, Brazil, case report, classification, human, middle aged, Squalus, Animals, Fish Venoms, Humans, Middle Aged

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Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology., v. 46, n. 7, p. 828-830, 2005.