Dependência espacial de atributos diagnósticos para delimitação de classes de solos

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da Silva, Alessandra Fagioli [UNESP]
Halmeman, Radames Juliano [UNESP]
Zimback, e Célia Regina Lopes [UNESP]

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Soils are classified by their horizons and diagnostics attributes that can be grouped by similarities and provide information about their use. The knowledge the spatial variability of the diagnostic attributes used in the soil classification is very important in the definition of soil management. The aim of this study was to evaluated spatial dependence of diagnostic attributes (redness index attributes, textural gradient and V%) and identify the boundaries between soils classes. The redness index, textural gradient and V% were determined in the soil horizons A and B of a grid of 65 sampling points collected in the horto from city of Mogi-Guaçu, SP. The analysis of spatial variability of the attributes was realized by geostatistics considering the spatial dependence in the range of sampling and interpolated by ordinary kriging to obtain the thematic maps. Based on the maps of redness index, textural gradient and V% was possible to generate the map of soil classes. The area showed high occurrence of Red-Yellow soils without clay migration to the B horizon and dystrophic.



Redness index, Saturation and kriging, Textural gradient

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Geociencias, v. 32, n. 1, p. 93-100, 2013.