Influencia de la enfermedad periodontal en el control metabólico de pacientes con diabetes mellitus tipo 2: Revisión de la literature

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JoãO, Paulo Steffens [UNESP]
Reinke, Stella Maria Glaci [UNESP]
Muñoz, Angel Miguel
dos Santos, Fábio André
Pilatti, Gibson Luiz

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There may be an interaction between periodontal disease and some systemic diseases such as diabetes mellitus. The objective of this review was to verify, by means of a review of clinical trials, if there is a positive association between periodontal disease and the glycemic control of type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM-2) patients. Eleven articles that fit the study criteria were revised. It was concluded that periodontal disease may influence the metabolic control of DM-2. Additional studies with larger sample sizes and longer follow up are necessary for a better clarification of this issue.



Blood glucose, Diabetes mellitus, Periodontal diseases, Type 2

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Revista Medica de Chile, v. 138, n. 9, p. 1172-1178, 2010.