Celso Furtado. Culture and film policy

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Simis, Anita [UNESP]

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Centro Int Estudios Superiores Comunicacion Amer Latina-ciespal


This paper aims to understand the gap of cultural policy of the years 1980-1990, called time of transition, and the cultural and political ideas of Celso Furtado, minister of culture from 1986 to 1988. How we move from a forged cultural policy during the dictatorship to another? What are the ideas that guided Celso Furtado in this change to a democratic opening situation? In this sense, the cultural policy implemented by Celso Furtado, particularly the film policy, by presenting itself as a unique landmark, is the primary focus of research.



cultural policy, Celso Furtado, cinema, Brazil

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Chasqui-revista Latinoamericana De Comunicacion. Quito: Centro Int Estudios Superiores Comunicacion Amer Latina-ciespal, n. 132, p. 101-112, 2016.