Contributions to the mathematics teacher's education from the involvement in a pedagogical project addressed to the seniors

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da Silva, Nayara
Da Silva, Guilherme Henrique Gomes [UNESP]
Julio, Rejane Siqueira

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This paper discusses the results of a research that sought to understand the contributions to the mathematics teacher's education involved in a project aimed at senior people. A case study methodology through a qualitative approach was used. The research field was constituted by the actions developed during 2018 in the Mathematical Conversations project, from the Open University Program for the Elderly at Federal University of Alfenas (UNIFAL-MG). The project team was composed of the researcher, two coordinating teachers, and three female prospective Mathematics teachers. Data were produced through field notebook records, semi-structured interviews, reports produced during the project, and a dynamic self-assessment activity. Data were organized and analyzed using the Content Analysis tools. Results indicate the involvement of prospective teachers on the project provided contributions to their pedagogical content knowledge, as they learned about the mathematics investigation methodology, and faced several mathematical activities, which they can develop in the classroom. In addition, results also point out that the project collaborated so that prospective teachers understood the importance of building good relationships between students and teachers. They also expanded their conception of Mathematics Education, became familiar with the pedagogical work developed with different audiences, and realized the relevance of encouraging students to be active subjects in the development of planned activities.



Elderly Education, Mathematics Education, University Extension

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Bolema - Mathematics Education Bulletin, v. 35, n. 70, p. 766-793, 2021.