Inclusive Mathematics Education: State-of-the-Art Research from Brazil and Germany

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Kollosche, David
Marcone, Renato
Knigge, Michel
Penteado, Miriam Godoy [UNESP]
Skovsmose, Ole [UNESP]

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The book provides an overview of state-of-the-art research from Brazil and Germany in the field of inclusive mathematics education. Originated from a research cooperation between two countries where inclusive education in mathematics has been a major challenge, this volume seeks to make recent research findings available to the international community of mathematics teachers and researchers. In the book, the authors cover a wide variety of special needs that learners of mathematics may have in inclusive settings. They present theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches for research and practice.



Autism, Auto-exclusion, Brazilian sign language, Cerebral palsy, Deaf education, Deficiencialism, Digital technologies, Heterogeneity in mathematics education, Language and mathematics, Learning environments, Learning processes, Macroinclusion, Mathematical literacy, Mathematics education, Maths anxiety, Microinclusion, Response to intervention framework, School inclusion, Special education, Teacher softskills

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Inclusive Mathematics Education: State-of-the-Art Research from Brazil and Germany, p. 1-652.