The permanent persuader between loneliness and alignment : the process of professionalization of sociology in Argentina and the construction of an intellectual field (1955 - 1966)

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Ferraz Tedesco, Alexandra Dias [UNESP]

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Univ Estadual Londrina


This article aims to discuss the establishment of an academic intellectual field, from the sociology of institutionalization process in Argentina, and from a perspective that takes into account the formal and epistemological vicissitudes of the tensions that emerge in the Argentine intellectual world at the moment immediately after the fall of Peronism (1955). From the analysis of the circulation of the proposed sociologists who materialize this project, especially the Italian-Argentine Gino Germani, the intent is to think the emergence of the academic intellectual figure as subject wholesome in these disputes and, notably, to question one sensitive issue of this process: the dynamic, ever flowing, between greater autonomy and engagement positions. We consider, therefore, a discussion that aims to connect the analysis of intellectuals with their sociological questioning, including the action and attempts to action of these individuals within a cyclical struggle to define the boundaries of this new field and, accordingly, to project themselves as propositional interlocutors interpretation of Peronism, quarrel polarizing and mobilizing the flow of ideas in that context.



Peronism, Argentine sociology, Gino Germani, Intellectual field, Intellectual history

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Antiteses. Londrina: Univ Estadual Londrina, v. 9, n. 17, p. 246-269, 2016.