Applicability of Orem: training of caregiver of infant with Robin Sequence

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Silva Demoro, Cleide Carolina da
Bertoncello Fontes, Cassiana Mendes [UNESP]
Trettene, Armando dos Santos
Cianciarullo, Tamara Iwanow
Lazarini, Ilza Marques
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Assoc Brasileira Enfermagem
Objective: to report the nurses' experience in relation to the training of caregivers of infants with Isolated Robin Sequence (IRS) for maintaining care after hospital discharge from the perspective of Self-Care Theoretical Framework. Method: the following categories were considered in this experience report: self-care action, self-care capacity, therapeutic self-care demand, self-care deficit, and nursing system. The nursing system was wholly compensatory and supportive-educative. Results: caregivers' training by nurses results in the acquisition of technical skills and specific knowledge related to the infant's positioning in elevated ventral decubitus, nasopharyngeal intubation, feeding-facilitating techniques and care with the feeding tube. Final considerations: the continuity of home care is guaranteed from caregivers' training for the therapeutic demand.
Pediatric Nursing, Nurse, Self-Care, Caregiver, Pierre Robin Syndrome
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Revista Brasileira De Enfermagem. Brasilia Df: Assoc Brasileira Enfermagem, v. 71, p. 1469-1473, 2018.