Some words about Life and Death through the light of Catholic Faith

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Pontificia Univ Catolica Sao Paulo, Fac Teologia


The question limit about Life and death issue occupies the thoughts of each ordinary Human Being, and it is always present every day somehow. This is a normal but challenger Human thought and its presence becomes in anguish for tho-se who believe in its relevance. Thus, this article has the main goal of show some reflexions about Life and death following a Catholic epistemological scope. Anyway, this work is also searching for scientifical interpretations indeed, sometimes valorising Science, someti-mes arguing some scientific values. Thereby, the intention of this short text has to be one more try to give another step towards a tough space, seeking for the strength of possible ideas and concepts inside a field where faith reigns. Nevertheless, the Human search for answers is an instrument of faith consolidation undoubtfully.



Life and death, Faith, Science, Catholic Church

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Revista de Cultura Teologica. Sao Paulo: Pontificia Univ Catolica Sao Paulo, Fac Teologia, v. 30, n. 103, p. 258-273, 2022.