Megaestruturacao pre-cambriana do territorio brasileiro baseada em dados geofisicos e geologicos

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Crustal discontinuities may be seen as A-type collision sutures with triple junction arrays. Shear belts developed at the block borders due to oblique plate convergence. A consistent litho-structural zoning may be observed along the border zones of the blocks: the known high-grade terrains are exposed along the upper block border and pass to distal granite-greenstone terrains; in the lower block, granite-greenstone terrains form the older basement, and supracrustals occur as a metavolcano-sedimentary belt near or adjacent to the suture. This regional litho-structural framework may be related to diachronous collisions of sialic masses which lead to their amalgamation into an extensive continental mass. -from English summary



metamorphism, mobile belt, orogenesis, Precambrian, shear zone, tectonic evolution, Brazil

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Geociencias (Sao Paulo), v. 12, n. 1, p. 7-31, 1993.