Photoswitchable Layer-by-Layer Coatings Based on Photochromic Polynorbornenes Bearing Spiropyran Side Groups

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Campos, Paula P. [UNESP]
Dunne, Aishling
Delaney, Colm
Moloney, Cara
Moulton, Simon E.
Benito-Lopez, Fernando
Ferreira, Marystela
Diamond, Dermot
Florea, Larisa
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Herein, we present the synthesis of linear photochromic norbornene polymers bearing spiropyran side groups (poly(SP-R)) and their assembly into layer-by-layer (LbL) films on glass substrates when converted to poly(MC-R) under UV irradiation. The LbL films were composed of bilayers of poly(allylamine hydrochloride) (PAH) and poly(MC-R), forming (PAH/poly(MC-R))n coatings. The merocyanine (MC) form presents a significant absorption band in the visible spectral region, which allowed tracking of the LbL deposition process by UV-vis spectroscopy, which showed a linear increase of the characteristic MC absorbance band with increasing number of bilayers. The thickness and morphology of the (PAH/poly(MC-R))n films were characterized by ellipsometry and scanning electron microscopy, respectively, with a height of ∼27.5 nm for the first bilayer and an overall height of ∼165 nm for the (PAH/poly(MC-R))5 multilayer film. Prolonged white light irradiation (22 h) resulted in a gradual decrease of the MC band by 90.4 ± 2.9% relative to the baseline, indicating the potential application of these films as coatings for photocontrolled delivery systems.
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Langmuir, v. 34, n. 14, p. 4210-4216, 2018.