Avaliação do Desempenho ao Primeiro Parto de Fêmeas Nelore e F1

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Pelicioni, Luciele Cristina [UNESP]
De Souza Dantas Muniz, Carolina Amália [UNESP]
De Queiroz, Sandra Aidar [UNESP]

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The objetive of this study was to compare the first calving performance of Nellore and F1 crossbred cows. Data used in the study came from 741 calving of Nellore and F1 cows born from the matting of Nellore cows with sires of the breeds Aberdeen Angus, Brangus (black and red), Canchin, Nellore, Gelbvieh and Simental born from 1989 to 1993. The information about 566 calves born from 1991 to 1995, from the matting of these females with the Aberdeen Angus, Brangus, Nellore, Simental, Gelbvieh, Charolais, Guzera and Canchin were also included in the analysis. The studied traits were age at first calving (AFC) of cows and pre weaning average daily gain (PDG) of their calves. The traits were analyzed by the least squares method using a fixed model that included the AFC effects: contemporary group (CG), genetic group of cow (GG), weaning weight class (WC), and the interaction GG and WC, and PDG:GG; CG, genetic group of calf within the genetic group of cow (GGC [GG]). The covariates age of cow at calving (linear) and age of calf at weaning (linear) were included in the model. The comparison among the means of several genetic groups was made by means of orthogonal contrasts. The F1 females from the groups 1/2 Angus 1/2 Nellore and 1/2 Red Brangus 1/2 Nellore were youngier at the first calving (29.7 and 30.3 months, respectively) than the others genetic groups. The Nellore and F1 cows did not differ as the pre weaning performance of their calves.



Age at first calving, Beef cattle, Crossbreeding, Pre weaning average daily gain

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Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia, v. 28, n. 4, p. 729-734, 1999.