Cytogenetic analysis of A- and B-chromosomes of Prochilodus lineatus (Teleostei, Prochilodontidae) using different restriction enzyme banding and staining methods

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Different cytogenetic techniques were used to analyse the chromosomes of Prochilodus lineatus with the main objective of comparing the base composition of A- and B-chromosomes. The results of digestion of chromosomes with 10 different restriction endonucleases (REs), silver staining, CMA(3) staining and C-banding indicated the existence of different classes of highly repetitive DNA in the A-set and also suggested the existence of compositional differences between the chromatin of A- and B-chromosomes. The 5-BrdU incorporation technique showed a late replicating pattern in all B-chromosomes and in some heterochromatic pericentromeric regions of A-chromosomes. The cleavage with RE BamHI produced a band pattern in all chromosomes of P. lineatus which permitted the tentative pairing of homologues in the karyotype of this species. We concluded that the combined use of the above techniques can contribute to the correct identification of chromosomes and the karyotypic analysis in fishes. on the basis of the results, some aspects of chromosome structure and the origin of the B-chromosomes in P. lineatus are discussed.



B-chromosomes, chromosome banding, fish cytogenetics, heterochromatin differentiation, Prochilodus lineatus

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Genetica. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publ, v. 108, n. 2, p. 119-125, 2000.