Tissue engineering: Using collagen type i matrix for bone healing of bone defects


Among the many tissues in the human body, bone has been considered as a powerful marker for regeneration and its formation serves as a prototype model for tissue engineering based on morphogenesis. Therefore, collagen type I is one of the most useful biomaterials used in tissue engineering as extracellular matrix components capable to promote bone healing. The literature reveals excellent biocompatibility and safety due to its biological characteristics, such as biodegradability and weak antigenicity, making collagen type I the primary resource in medical applications. Thus, it was also used for tissue engineering including skin replacement, bone substitutes, and artificial blood vessels and valves. The authors describe the treatment of an abscessed apical periodontal cyst and show good outcomes of bone healing, using tissue engineering, as collagen type I matrix. © 2013 by Mutaz B. Habal, MD.



benign tumors, biomaterial, Collagen, jaw cyst, surgical management, tissue engineering

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Journal of Craniofacial Surgery, v. 24, n. 4, 2013.