Population biology and habitat utilization of the stone crab Menippe nodifrons in the Ubatuba region, São Paulo, Brazil

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The aim of the current study was to evaluate a population of Menippe nodiffons in a reef of sabellariid worms, Phragmatopoma lapidosa, with regard to recruitment, population structure and sex ratio. Sampling was carried out each other month from September 1994 up to and including July 1995, on the rocky shores of the Tenorio beach, São Paulo, Brazil. It resulted in 183 individuals, whose average carapace width in this biotope was 9.1 +/- 5.6 m. The animals were grouped in nine size classes and the frequency distribution showed that 80% occupied the three first classes. This means that the polychaete worm colonies are of great importance for the establishment of individuals in the first juvenile stages.



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Biodiversity Crisis and Crustacea. Leiden: A A Balkema Publishers, v. 12, p. 275-281, 2000.