First records of the family scoloplacidae (Siluriformes, loricarioidei) in Colombia, including a range expansion of scoloplax baileyi rocha, lazzarotto & Py-Daniel, 2012


The Neotropical family Scoloplacidae is a monogeneric group of miniature freshwater catfishes that includes 6 species. Scoloplax dicra has the widest distribution across the Amazon basin, except in the western upper portions. We collected 3 specimens from localities close to Leticia in Colombia, corresponding to S. baileyi and S. dicra, constituting the westernmost records of the family for the Amazon basin and the first for Colombia.



Amazon, Neotropical region, South America, Tarapoto wetlands

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Check List, v. 14, n. 6, p. 1071-1076, 2018.