Impact of glyphosate formulations and adjuvants: effects on leaf interaction, metabolism, and control of sourgrass

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The addition of commercial formulations and adjuvants to a tank mix may result in differences in the wettability on the plant surface, foliar uptake and herbicide efficacy. Thus, the objectives of this study were to evaluate the influence of glyphosate formulations and tank-mixture adjuvants on the contact angle (CA), uptake, metabolism and sourgrass control and the damage to the cuticular microstructure of this species caused by herbicide solutions. For this purpose, assays were carried out in a completely randomized design, and treatments distributed in a 2x5+1 factorial scheme with five replications. Two glyphosate formulations isopropylamine salt (SL) and ammonium salt (WG) combined or not with the adjuvant methylated soybean oil (MSO), mineral oil (MO), ethoxylated alkyl ester (EAE) or polyoxyethylenealkylphenol ether (PAE); and one control (water) were evaluated. CA measurements of the droplets deposited on a sourgrass leaf surface and on the standard surface (parafilm) were obtained using a tensiometer. Herbicide uptake and shikimate accumulation were simultaneously determined by chromatography and spectrometry. The control effect was assessed by observing plant survival dry weight reductions. The glyphosate SL and WG formulations had similar effects on the variables analyzed. However, mixing the adjuvants EAE, MO or MSO with either formulation of herbicide led to greater wettability and more severe damage to the cuticular microstructure, favoring glyphosate uptake and shikimate accumulation. Despite evidence regarding the treatments containing oils/surfactants, the control effect on sourgrass was similar. The combination of glyphosate formulations with such adjuvants is potentially more effective and guarantees satisfactory sourgrass control.




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Ciencia Rural. Santa Maria: Univ Federal Santa Maria, v. 52, n. 8, 12 p., 2022.

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