Sediments accretion at Guarapiranga reservoir, metropolitan region of São Paulo, Brazil, by the 210Pb chronological method

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The Constant Flux: Constant Sedimentation (CF:CS) and Constant Rate of Supply (CRS) of unsupported/excess 210Pb models have been applied to a 210Pb data set providing of two sediments profiles (GUA-T1 and GUA-T2) sampled at Guarapiranga reservoir, in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo city, São Paulo State, Brazil. Sedimentation rates obtained by the CF:CS model corresponded to 9.3–12.3 and 30− 2yr− 1, respectively, for profiles GUA-T1 and GUA-T2, indicating a better chronological performance relatively to that of the CRS model in the study area, also allowing successful estimates of the P fluxes in the reservoir.



210Pb chronological method, CF:CS and CRS methods, Guarapiranga reservoir, P fluxes, Sedimentation rates

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Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, v. 331, n. 7, p. 2869-2882, 2022.