Professional characteristics and the prevalence of advance directives among palliative care professionals: A cross-sectional study

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Garcia, Ana Claúdia Mesquita
Dadalto, Luciana
Costa, Isabelle Cristinne Pinto
Nogueira, Denismar Alves
Caldeira, Silvia
O'Mahony, Aoife
Moreira De Barros, Guilherme Antonio [UNESP]

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Objective This study aimed to investigate the association between professional characteristics and the prevalence of advance directives among palliative care professionals. Methods This is a descriptive cross-sectional study. A diverse sample of 327 healthcare professionals completed an online survey investigating demographic variables, length of time working in palliative care, post-graduate qualifications in palliative care, and development of their own advance directives. Results The prevalence of advance directives among professionals working in palliative care was associated with factors such as higher academic qualifications, holding a post-graduate qualification in palliative care, and working in palliative care for a longer time. Furthermore, psychologists were most likely to have registered their own advance directives, compared with other healthcare professionals. Significance of results Post-graduate palliative care education and professional experience in this area appear to be important factors associated with palliative care professionals writing of their own advance directives. However, our study suggests that just being involved in or familiar with the context of palliative and end-of-life care does not guarantee that health professionals register their advance directives.



Advance directives, Palliative care, Patient care team

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Palliative and Supportive Care.