LED and low level laser therapy association in tooth bleaching using a novel low concentration H2O2/N-doped TiO2 bleaching agent

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Dias, Hércules Bezerra [UNESP]
Carrera, Emanuelle Teixeira [UNESP]
Bortolatto, Janaína Freitas [UNESP]
De Andrade, Marcelo Ferrarezi [UNESP]
De Souza Rastelli, Alessandra Nara [UNESP]

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Since low concentration bleaching agents containing N-doped TiO2 nanoparticles have been introduced as an alternative to conventional agents, it is important to verify their efficacy and the hypersensitivity effect in clinical practice. Six volunteer patients were evaluated for color change and hypersensitivity after bleaching using 35% H2O2 (one session of two 12 min applications) and 6% H2O2/N-doped TiO2 (one session of three 12 min applications) and after low level laser therapy application (LLLT) (780 nm, 40 mW, 10 J.cm-2, 10 s). Based on this case study, the nanobleaching agent provided better or similar aesthetic results than the conventional agent under high concentration, and its association with LLLT satisfactorily decreased the hypersensitivity. The 6% H2O2/N-doped TiO2 agent could be used instead of conventional in-office bleaching agents under high concentrations to fulfill the rising patient demand for aesthetics.



bleaching, hypersensitivity, low level laser therapy, nanoparticles, titanium dioxide

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Laser Physics, v. 26, n. 1, 2016.