Estimativa da mudança genética na produção de leite e gordura em bovinos da raça Holandesa

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Tonhati, Humberto [UNESP]
Lôbo, Raysildo Barbosa

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The objective of this study was to estimate the genetic trends of the milk and fat yield in three herds maintained in São Paulo State, Brazil. The estimation of genetic, environmental and phenotypic trends were based on 716 first lactations. The cows were sired by 134 bulls. The statistical models included the fixed effects of herds, kind of gestation, season and year of the calving, age of the cow at calving, besides the random effect of the bulls. The statistical analyses, by the last squares method showed effects for bulls, herds and age of the cows on milk and fat yield. The genetic, environmental and phenotypic trends estimated were -10.20; 6.74 and -3.46 kg for milk yield and -1.90; 2.20 and 0.12 kg for fat yield.



Genetic trends, Holstein-friesian, Milk production, Bos taurus, Friesia

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Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia, v. 26, n. 4, p. 714-718, 1997.