Clinical characteristics and outcomes of hospital-manifested COVID-19 among Brazilians

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Delfino-Pereira, Polianna
Pires, Magda Carvalho
Gomes, Virginia Mara Reis
Nogueira, Matheus Carvalho Alves
Lima, Maria Clara Pontello Barbosa
Schwarzbold, Alexandre Vargas
Maurílio, Amanda de Oliveira
Scotton, Ana Luiza Bahia Alves
Costa, André Soares de Moura
Farace, Barbara Lopes

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Objectives: To analyze the clinical characteristics and outcomes of admitted patients with the hospital- versus community-manifested COVID-19 and to evaluate the risk factors related to mortality in the first population. Methods: This retrospective cohort included consecutive adult patients with COVID-19, hospitalized between March and September 2020. The demographic data, clinical characteristics, and outcomes were extracted from medical records. Patients with hospital-manifested COVID-19 (study group) and those with community-manifested COVID-19 (control group) were matched by the propensity score model. Logistic regression models were used to verify the risk factors for mortality in the study group. Results: Among 7,710 hospitalized patients who had COVID-19, 7.2% developed symptoms while admitted for other reasons. Patients with hospital-manifested COVID-19 had a higher prevalence of cancer (19.2% vs 10.8%) and alcoholism (8.8% vs 2.8%) than patients with community-manifested COVID-19 and also had a higher rate of intensive care unit requirement (45.1% vs 35.2%), sepsis (23.8% vs 14.5%), and death (35.8% vs 22.5%) (P <0.05 for all). The factors independently associated with increased mortality in the study group were increasing age, male sex, number of comorbidities, and cancer. Conclusion: Hospital-manifested COVID-19 was associated with increased mortality. Increasing age, male sex, number of comorbidities, and cancer were independent predictors of mortality among those with hospital-manifested COVID-19 disease.



Clinical characteristics, COVID-19, Hospital-manifested infection, In-hospital mortality, Outcomes, Risk factors

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International Journal of Infectious Diseases, v. 130, p. 31-37.