Absorptive capacity for development of assistive technology: A study on businesses with social impact

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Da Silva, Franklin Menezes
Da Costa, Priscila Rezende
Braga, Sergio Silva [UNESP]

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This study aims to analyse how absorptive capacity influences assistive technology development in businesses with social impact (BSI). The research performed was descriptive and qualitative, using the case study method. The data was collected using semi-structured interviews with managers of BSI expansion and alpha (fictitious names). The results highlight the characterisation of assistive technology development and the analysis of the properties of absorptive capacity (ACAP) in BSI. As a contribution for the advancement of knowledge, the study identified the descriptive properties of the ACAP construct in the development of assistive technology processes. The study makes a practical contribution as social business managers and public policy makers could use the research findings as support for decisions about the development and scalability of new assistive technologies.



Absorptive capacity, Assistive technology, BSI, Business with social impact

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International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, v. 21, n. 2, p. 151-175, 2020.