Assessment of the interface between implant and abutments of five systems by Scanning Electronic Microscopy

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Fujiwara, Carlos Alberto [UNESP]
Filho, Osvaldo Magro
Oliveira, Nilson T. C. [UNESP]
Queiroz, Thallita Pereira
Abla, Marcelo Sabagg [UNESP]
Pardini, Luiz Carlos

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Aim: The objective of this study was to assess, by Scanning Electronic Microscopy (SEM), the interface between the platforms of five implant systems and the conic abutments (I) gold ucla type (II) and multi-unit type (III). Materials and methods: The implant systems used and their respective abutments studied were: AS Technology Titanium Fix (I, II, III), Conexão (I, II, III), Neodent (I, II, III), Sterngold Implamed (I, II) and 3i Implant Innovation (I, II). The abutments were screwed to the implants with a 20 Ncm torque. For each sample, 6 points were selected for measurement, 3 on the right and 3 three on the left side: the most external point, the middle point and the most internal point at the interface formed between the implant platform and the abutment. Results: On the outer point there was a variation in measurement from 0 to 11.173 μm, on the middle point there was variation from 0 to 8.314 μm and in the internal point there was a variation from 0 to 15.267 μm. The smallest gaps for abutments I, II and III were obtained with Neodent (0.733 μm), Sterngold Implamed (0.513 μm) and Conexão (0.503 μm), respectively. The Neodent system showed statistically significant differences with the other systems analyzed in the right internal point (p<0.05), while on the left ones differences were not significant only with the the Conexão system (p=0.168); the latter showed statistically significant differences with the other systems except for the 3i system (p=0.311). Conclusion: It is concluded that the Neodent system differed from the other ones in the right and left internal points (p<0.05) except for the Conexão system (p=0.168), which also differed from the other ones, and the 3i system (p=0.311). Maladjustment values obtained are similar to those reported in the literature.



Abutment, Gap, Implant, Peri-implant

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Journal of Osseointegration, v. 1, n. 2, p. 60-66, 2009.