Magnetic properties of synthetic eumelanin - Preliminary results

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Cano, M. E.
Castaneda-Priego, R.
Gil-Villegas, A.
Sosa, M. A.
Schio, P.
de Oliveira, A. J. A.
Chen, F.
Baffa, O.
Graeff, Carlos Frederico de Oliveira [UNESP]

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Amer Soc Photobiology


We report an experimental and theoretical study of magnetic properties of synthetic eumelanin. The magnetization curves are determined by using both a vibrating sample magnetometer and a superconducting quantum interferometer device in an extended range of magnetic fields ranging from -10 kOe to 10 kOe at different temperatures. We find that the eumelanin magnetization can be qualitatively explained in terms of a simple model of dipolar spheres with an intrinsic magnetic moment. The latter one is experimentally measured by using X-band electron paramagnetic resonance. Our findings indicate that synthetic melanins are superparamagnetic.



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Photochemistry and Photobiology. Augusta: Amer Soc Photobiology, v. 84, n. 3, p. 627-631, 2008.