Knowledge management:Guidelines and practices recommended for organizations

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Trevisan, Luciana Calvo [UNESP]
Damian, Ieda Pelogia Martins [UNESP]

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The scenario of competitiveness and market demand has imposed on the organizations, the development of an organizational environment apt for rapid and continuous changes. Faced with this scenario, organizations then saw the need to make their structures and systems more adaptable and efficient to meet these rapid changes. In today’s society, known as the knowledge society, this has been considered a valuable and strategic resource for organizations. From this context, the objective of the research is to verify how knowledge management can contribute to the achievement of organizational strategic objectives. For this, a qualitative bibliographical research was carried out. As a result, a framework of guidelines and recommended practices has been developed for organizations that seek to implement knowledge management to develop a sustainable competitive advantage. With the research, it is hoped to add knowledge to the scientific-social community interested in the subject in question, besides contributing with the organizations through the sharing of best practices for effective management of organizational knowledge.



Knowledge management, Organizations, Practices and guidelines

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Ciencia da Informacao, v. 47, n. 2, p. 21-34, 2018.