Determination of Cu, Ni, and Zn in fuel ethanol by FAAS after enrichment in column packed with 2-aminothiazole-modified silica gel

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Roldan, P. S.
Alcantara, I. L.
Castro, G. R.
Rocha, Julio Cesar [UNESP]
Padilha, CCF
Padilha, P. M.

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This work describes the synthesis and characterization of 2-aminothiazole-modified silica gel (SiAT), as well as its application for preconcentration (in batch and column technique) of Cu(II), Ni(II) and Zn(II) in ethanol medium. The adsorption capacities of SiAT determined for each metal ion were (mmol g(-1)): Cu(II)=1.20, Ni(II)=1.10 and Zn(II)=0.90. In addition, results obtained in flow experiments, showed a recovery of ca. 100% of the metal ions adsorbed in a column packed with 500 mg of SiAT. The eluent was 2.0 mol L-1 HCl. The sorption-desorption of the studied metal ions made possible the development of a preconcentration method for metal ions at trace level in fuel ethanol using flame AAS for their quantification.



preconcentration, 2-aminothiazole-modified silica gel, fuel ethanol

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Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. Berlin: Springer-verlag Berlin, v. 375, n. 4, p. 574-577, 2003.