Identificação de demanda e preferências no consumo de carne ovina com apoio de técnicas de estatística multivariada

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Firetti, Ricardo
Alberti, Ana Lucia Luz
Zundt, Marilice
de Carvalho-Filho, Antônio Assiz [UNESP]
de Oliveira, Eduardo Cardoso

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This work aims to prove the existence of a market for sheep in medium-sized cities near Presidente Prudente, São Paulo (regional market), and the perception of these consumers on the products they purchase. A total of 3,249 people were interviewed in eight medium-sized cities using forms implemented in portable devices. The frequency of consumption (current and potential) and opinions on the characteristics of sheep meat, and preferences of acquisition and consumption were investigated. Part of the data obtained on sheep meat consumers was tabulated and subjected to validation tests and internal consistency; techniques of descriptive and multivariate statistics. From the total number of people interviewed, 38.5% were considered consumers. The study showed that there is a great demand for sheep meat in the municipalities analyzed in monthly household consumption, preferably in roasted form (68.5% in the coals and 18.8% in the oven). The purchase of products without official guarantees of inspection continues to be high, with supermarkets presenting the worst levels of satisfaction in relation to the price practiced (as opposed to the direct purchase of the producer). However, even so, this retail marketing channel is recognized as a supplier of hygiene-sanitary products.



Agribusiness, Correspondence analysis, Lamb, Marketing

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Revista de Economia e Sociologia Rural, v. 55, n. 4, p. 679-692, 2017.