Childhood and youth education challenges: the effects of Covid-19

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Vicente, Aparecido Renan
Martins dos Santos, Paola Alves
Castro Leao, Andreza Marques de [UNESP]
Carlo, Diene Monique

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Editora Univ Leopoldlanum


Considering that school management, children, adolescents, and families are being challenged by remote education as a result of Covid-19, this article's main objective is to discuss the effects of the pandemic on children's and youngsters' education. With this intent, we systematized the theoretical studies that have focused on discussing this topic in order to learn such effects. The findings of the scientific literature point to the obstacles that children and adolescents are facing to do school activities, among which they mention the lack of internet access, the absence of electronic devices, the shortage of specific teaching materials for remote education, and the lack of parental support and monitoring in academic activities, among others, which reveal that the pandemic has brought about social and educational impacts, implying a violation of children's and adolescents' right to education.



Educational Challenge, Educational technology, Internet, Student Rights

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Revista Eletronica Pesquiseduca. Santos: Editora Univ Leopoldlanum, v. 13, n. 29, p. 386-398, 2021.