Industry support for dental implant research: A metatrend study of industry partnership in the development of new technologies

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Pereira, Marta M.A. [UNESP]
Dini, Caroline
Souza, João G.S.
Barão, Valentim A.R.
de Avila, Erica D. [UNESP]

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Statement of problem: Industry needs scientific knowledge to develop new products and services, and their financial support to dental implant researchers translates into commercial products. Therefore, identifying the relevant factors for a successful industry partnership is important. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to provide a 20-year bibliometric overview of industry-sponsored studies in implant dentistry to identify possible factors involved in industry partnership motivations. Material and methods: A hand search of 6 of the most established journals in the implant dentistry field was performed for articles published in 1999, 2004, 2009, 2014, and 2019. Information regarding the continent of origin of the corresponding author, interinstitute collaboration, type and topic of research, and the h-index of the corresponding author was recorded for each included article. Bivariate and multivariate logistic regression was used to determine statistical relationship between industry support and exploratory factors (α=.05). Results: A 6% increase in the chance of industry investment was observed over the years (odds ratio [OD]=1.06; P<.001). Studies from North America (OD=4.87; P<.001) and Europe (OD=3.13; P<.001) were more likely to receive industry funding. Data also revealed a direct relationship between the increasing number of institutions involved in the study and the probability of industry funding (OD=1.21; P<.001). Animal studies (OD=2.26; P<.001) about surgical procedures and prosthodontic topics (OD=1.40; P=.044) stood out for having greater industry support. Researchers with an h-index between 31 and 40 were more likely to receive industry financial support (OD=2.46; P=.001). Conclusions: Industry support for dental implant research was closely aligned with the continent of origin, interinstitute collaboration, type and topic of research, and the h-index of the corresponding author.



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