Multiple Ornamental Uses of Costus stenophyllus Standl. & LO Williams

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Souza, G. R. B. de [UNESP]
Merida, D. [UNESP]
Castro, A. C. R. de
Albuquerque, A. C.
Castro, C. E. F. de
Loges, V.

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Int Soc Horticultural Science


Costus stenophyllus or bamboo costus, despite its high ornamental potential, is still little known in the cut flower and ornamental plant market. The bamboo costus is a spiral ginger admired for its beautiful stems that are lined with brown colored alternating bands. This costus has rather straight and upright stems. Conical red inflorescences, which resemble the head of a snake, emerge from the base of the plants. The flowers are light yellow and emerge between the red scales on the rather long-lasting, attractive inflorescences. This study was carried out to evaluate the possibility of using these species as a garden plant, cut flower and cut stem. Thus, the characterization was made based on 28 characters of the plant, the leaves, the flower stem, the flowers, as well as season blooming characteristics and flower postharvest longevity.



tropical cut flower, ornamental pot plant, morphological characterization

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Xi International Symposium on Flower Bulbs and Herbaceous Perennials. Leuven 1: Int Soc Horticultural Science, v. 1002, p. 427-430, 2013.