Olhares Irreverentes de Natália Correia e Hilda Hilst na Focagem Autobiográfica

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Dias, Maria Heloisa Martins [UNESP]

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This article explores two talented, controversial writers. One Portuguese, the other Brazilian, both fueled by irreverence and provocation in the way they focus on themselves and the world. Natália Correia, a poet, novelist and Azorean playwright (1923-93), whose work emerged in the midst of the Salazar regime, and with a militant political-literary performance with other leading figures in Portuguese culture and literature during the 1950s and 1960s. Her poetry maintains affinities with aesthetic tendencies of Surrealism, although she was not a strict follower of any literary movement. Hilda Hilst, a poet, prose and playwright from São Paulo (1930-2004), was a militant of different nature. She was not linked to any aesthetic programs or literary trends, a singularity that even today defies critics.



Hilda Hilst, Natália Correia, Poetry, Spirituality, Trauma

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Rassegna Iberistica, n. 113, p. 105-118, 2020.