Multilatinas na economia global. Caracterização histórica, setorial e espacial

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Santos, Leandro Bruno [UNESP]

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The successive crisis that has passed the global economy since the 1970s, combined with the hegemonic crisis of the United States, created the conditions for the global reordering and building a multipolar world, with the increasing importance of some peripheral countries into the world economy, particularly as regards to capital flows. The article intend to bring to light the analysis of the decline in developed countries significance in global flows of investment and corresponding increase in some peripheral countries importance. This article aims to understand the extension of production spatial circuits of Latin American Multinationals (Multilatinas) in different spatial scales, especially the temporal, spatial and sectoral dimensions of the productive investments made by companies. The methodological procedures include bibliographic survey, selection and reading, data compilation provided by international institutions (UNCTAD and ECLAC), data and information systematization, data analysis. © Leandro Bruno Santos, 2014.



Foreign direct investment flows, Internationalization of capital, Multilatinas

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