Bupropion treatment increases epididymal contractility and impairs sperm quality with no effects on the epididymal sperm transit time of male rats

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Cavariani, Marilia Martins [UNESP]
de Almeida Kiguti, Luiz Ricardo [UNESP]
de Lima Rosa, Josiane [UNESP]
de Araújo Leite, Gabriel Adan [UNESP]
Silva, Patrícia Villela E [UNESP]
Pupo, André Sampaio [UNESP]
De Grava Kempinas, Wilma [UNESP]

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Bupropion is a dopamine (DA) and norepinephrine (NE) reuptake inhibitor used as smoking cessation and antidepressant drug with a lower incidence of male sexual dysfunction. We showed previously that sibutramine, a norepinephrine/serotonine reuptake inhibitor, reduced male rat fertility. As there are no studies evaluating the impact of bupropion treatment on spermatic parameters and male fertility, we evaluated the effects of bupropion treatment (15 and 30 mg kg(-1), 30 days) on sexual behavior, spermatic parameters and fertility of male Wistar rats and on the epididymal duct in vitro contractility. Bupropion 15 mg kg(-1) increased the serum luteinizing hormone level and the epididymal duct contractility, but the sperm quality was not affected. At 30 mg kg(-1) bupropion impaired sperm quality increasing the incidence of non-progressive sperm. The male sexual behavior and fertility were not modified at both bupropion doses. These results, in rats, suggest the importance of studies evaluating the effects of bupropion on the human male sperm quality.



Bupropion, Epididymal contraction, Norepinephrine transporter, Sperm quality, Sperm transit time

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Journal Of Applied Toxicology : Jat, v. 35, n. 9, p. 1007-1016, 2015.