The dynamism of a written test in phases: A study with students of differential and integral calculus

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Mendes, Marcele Tavares
De Buriasco, Regina Luzia Corio [UNESP]

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In this article, anchored in an assessment of learning as a research practice and learning opportunity, we present a discussion about the behavior of the assessment instrument written in phases (stage test) evidenced in a research. The research is of a qualitative nature with an interpretative character, in which the subjects were the teacher and 48 students enrolled in the discipline of Differential and Integral Calculus - CDI of a federal university in Paraná and carried out a written test in 10 phases. In this discussion, we will try to evidence the written test in phases as a teaching, learning, and evaluation resource; Recognizing its dynamic aspect as it presents itself in a new way at each stage; As a medium that favors the teacher and student to communicate in an individualized way, even if the arguments are constructed in the collective (in-class discussions, discussion among students).



Learning Assessment, Realistic Mathematics Education, Regulation of Learning, Written Test in Phases

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Bolema - Mathematics Education Bulletin, v. 32, n. 61, p. 653-672, 2018.